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Cooley Spruce Adelgid Scouting for 2015 at Pigeon (Report issued 4/18/2015 19:29)

Use these predictions as guidelines to help time your scouting efforts.
Key event Timing
First adults active; egg laying begins. Started on 4/14 and expected to continue for 78 more DD (Base 50°F)
Eggs start to hatch; nymphs start to feed. Expected to start in 108 DD (Base 50°F)
Galls start to form. Expected to start in 158 DD(Base 50°F)
Current stage: First adults are active and laying eggs.

Degree day total: 43 on 4/18/2015

Treatment Guidelines for Cooley Spruce Adelgid

Soil Drench Treatment Window: Open
NURSERY AND LANDSCAPE ONLY: If galls were a problem the previous year, apply a basal soil drench of imidacloprid or clothianidin in early spring (between 40 and 80 DD Base 50F).

Spring Foliar Treatment Window: Open
If galls were a problem the previous year, apply an insecticide as foliar spray when the DD Base 50 F total is between 25 and 120.
Christmas tree insecticide recommendations
Products registered for use in Christmas trees