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Variegated Cutworm Scouting for 2014 at Linwood (Report issued 8/27/2014 8:50)

Use these predictions as guidelines to help time your scouting efforts.
Missing degree day data for dates: 2014-03-05
Key event Timing
First flight of overwintering moths begins. 6/19
1st generation eggs begin to be laid. 6/27
1st generation larvae begin to hatch. 7/1
Second flight of adult moths begins. 8/17
2nd generation egg laying begins. 8/25
2nd generation larvae begin to hatch. Expected to start in 128 DD (Base 45°F)
Current stage: Second generation eggs are being laid.

Degree day total: 2373 on 8/26/2014

Degree day forecast: 2394 on 8/27/2014