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Hickory Corners (KBS) Tart Cherry Plum Curculio Assist Chart Assist Chart (Report issued 4/21/2015 9:05 )

Model available after 280 DD (Base 42F) from 1/1.

Degree day total (Base 42F from 1/1): 252.8 on 4/27/2015.


Locate the Biofix Date (date of full bloom) on the top row. Follow that column down to determine the Base 50F Growing Degree Days (GDD) that have accumulated between the biofix date and the date listed at the left side of that row. Note that forecast data is provided (where available) to help with planning in the near-term. Control is recommended at 375 GDD from the biofix date. Repeat for additional blocks that bloomed on a different date.

MSU Tart Cherry Postponed Insecticide Treatment Strategy (P.I.T.S.) for Plum Curculio:
  • Use date of full bloom as biofix date.
  • Time control for 375 degree days (base 50F) from the biofix date.
  • This model is not recommended for growers that are not intensively scouting their orchards.